Charity234 - 5 days ago

As a parishioner of Palmerston North diocese in New Zealand, where Drennan was Bishop, I feel duty bound to warn other Catholics globally what it was like when Bishop Drennan was exposed for sexual relations with a young woman.

Certain liberal laity jumped to Drennan's defense, arguing that priests should be married or free to have sexual relations anyway. It was as if they were seeking to normalise and sanction what Drennan had done. The New Zealand mainstream media jumped on the story of Catholics suggesting priests should have partners, as they do any time the Church appears to compromise its culture to align with the secular world (Pope Francis by his liberal utterances has demonstrated this many times). There was even a vote called by show of hands in the Palmerston North diocesan Cathedral, whether priests should be married - right in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

The climate of lack of action by the NZ Church hierarchy on priestly sexual 'misdemeanors' aligns with a growing acceptance of them by certain laity, maybe the majority of laity. The ground has been carefully prepared in the minds of the laity. Palmerston North diocese had before Drennan decades of the very liberal bishop Peter Cullinane. Bishop Cullinane encouraged a liberal agenda and lay leadership at the highest levels, earning him the title of 'protestant Pete' and getting our diocese known as 'the diocese of protestant north'.

To cap things off the Latin Mass in Palmerston North was one of the few globally to be totally shut down. It all seems to fit a pattern.

EucharisticHeart - 6 days ago
Bishop Drennan was too busy hiding his own crimes to investigate what was reported to him. Much got swept under the carpet. And it is not only victims who suffer and lose faith, but entire dioceses suffer under these misled bishops. Good priests find no support, so move on, whilst the liberal and the evil get to perpetuate their wrongs and heresies, freely. God-fearing parishioners never get to enjoy their faith to the full as a consequence, or in the way most beautiful; they may never experience spiritual joy to the full whilst on earth, and never get to witness what real holiness looks like, compromising everyone's sanctity and leading to everyone's tepidity of spirit. And we wonder why there are no vocations and so many empty pews! 

Architect - 10 days ago - edited  

Bishop Charles Drennan involved himself in anti-globalist activism, which isn't what a typical narcissistic sex abuser does. His wiki page says, 

On 7 March 2015, Drennan joined with other protestors in a demonstration in Palmerston North in relation to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). In a speech to the 500 protestors in The square, he said: "It most certainly is not a right of global business interests to trump the duty of an elected government to govern a nation's economy in accord with the wishes of that nation's citizens." Drennan also denounced the secrecy of the TPP negotiations.

Pope Bergoglio is known for his love of globalists and globalism. 

Bishop Drennan was also harshly criticized by John Dew who is the Kiwi version of Cupich; both of whom were promoted by Bergoglio. 


Cardinal John Dew

Cardinal Blase Cupich

What's troubling to me is that nowhere in reports is the alleged misconduct described in clear terms. Dew, who can't be trusted, claims that Bishop Drennan admitted to the misconduct but there are no reports of the bishop actually saying so. Did it involve actual exchange of body fluids or not? "Sexual misconduct" today can mean anything.

Mark Giles - architect - 9 days ago 

I can not give an estimate of how many souls were saved because Bishop Drennan involved himself in a political protest against a Trans-Pacific Partnership for trade purposes. In my opinion, the salvation of souls is the key purpose of a bishop, and political protest is, um, shall we say, a lesser priority?

Architect Mark Giles - 9 days ago 

 TPP is against the salvation of souls.


Pondering PN's holy bishop, no doubt

And the key purpose of a pope is the appointment of holy bishops. Is it too much to hope that Bergoglio will soon get around to appointing one such for Palmerston North? Or is he too busy,having cancelled the Traditional Latin Mass globally and - with the cooperation of 'the Kiwi version of Cupich - in the Palmerston North Diocese,  cancelling traditional religious orders? 

 St Josaphat, St Iranaeus, St Polycarp, St Boniface, St Denis, Martyr Bishops, please intercede with the Holy Child of Bethlehem for the Palmerston North Diocese.


The Holy Child in the Stable