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Father Theodore McCarrick in 1974 with James, who claimed McCarrick sexually abused him over 2 decades

Pope John Paul II was aware that the now-defrocked Cardinal McCarrick repeatedly slept with priests and seminarians.

Pope Benedict XVI had received public warnings by US journalists that McCarrick had homosexual relations with priests.

Pope Francis was informed by several of his collaborators about McCarrick’s history yet decided to collaborate with him on multiple fronts: the McCarrick Report reveals how Popes John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis all had an all-too lenient attitude toward the defrocked cardinal. 

This is an edited version (in the interests of brevity) of a LifeSite News essay by Professor Roberto de Mattei, a prominent Italian historian and traditional Catholic. De Mattei explains the link between the decades-long evasion by the Church of warning signs about McCarrick and the weakening of the Church’s moral integrity since the Second Vatican Council. With the Council, he says, came a “new morality” and the loss of the Church's determination to condemn evil and fight sin.

Professor Roberto de Mattei

According to Professor de Mattei, there "emerged" from the Council a “nouvelle morale” that embraced the world and changed the Church’s view of sexuality.

Gaudium et Spes reversed the ends of marriage, giving its traditional primary end -  begetting and raising children - less significance than conjugal love and support. The path to a love independent of procreation – thereby indirectly opening a path to homosexual “love” – was opened up. De Mattei speaks here of a “distorted idea of love.”

The German progressivist wing of the Church repeatedly stresses that the marital act need not be linked with its procreative act. For example, Professor Stephan Goertz, a moral theologian, proposed in 2015 that procreation was linked with sexuality in the times of the Old Testament because the Jews then struggled for survival. This “is obviously not any more our situation, and that, since the (Second Vatican) Council, it has also not been any more our own moral teaching on sexuality.”

Professor Stephan Goertz whose research interests include gender and sexual ethics and LGBTQ. Yes I know what you're thinking

  • whose research interests include gender and sexual ethics, human rights and LGBTQ Theologies. I know what you're thinking ...

Professor Eberhard Schockenhoff – key architect of the German Synodal Path that  questions Church teaching on sexual morality, male ordination, and the hierarchy – proposed last year that sexuality and lust be regarded as helping people to “assure themselves of their identity,” thus they be regarded as a “end in itself,” without reference to procreation.

Professor Eberhard Schockenhoff RIP - another incognito priest

Professor de Mattei explains: “Sexuality was defined as an essential value for the personal maturation of the individual. The Council's Constitution Gaudium et Spes, which abandoned traditional doctrine on procreation as the primary end of marriage, was considered a manifesto of this new relationship with the world.”

This statement is equally applicable to all the prelates who embraced and welcomed the Second Vatican Council.

Professor de Mattei stresses that “Certainly not everybody, within the Church, has brought this discourse to its logical consequences, but unfortunately John Paul II, with his ‘theology of the body,’ has proposed a false alternative to the new morality.”

Pope Benedict XVI, “while vigorously opposing pedophilia, has never dared to condemn the rampant homosexuality within the Church, applying a policy of silence, which has become aiding and abetting sin.”

This can be seen not only in the McCarrick case – where Benedict XVI explicitly decided against opening up a canonical investigation which would have brought justice into the matter – but  in the case of  'Monsignor K'. Benedict decided merely to move him from the Vatican and then, after persisting reports about Monsignor K’s aggressive homosexuality, to dismiss him from the diplomatic service and send him back to his home diocese, instead of investigating these allegations

A third example of Pope Benedict's “policy of silence” that turns out to “abet sin” is the case of the Integrated Community (Integrierte Gemeinde), a Catholic community that had received its canonical status from then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger in 1978, with certain conditions. However, he did not ensure that these conditions were met. He did not take warning reports seriously. This group had a cult-like character, intruded into the personal lives of its members, telling some they should not have children and that much of their personal wealth should be handed to the community. Much abuse in more than 40 years has led to the estrangement of parents and children and the break-up of marriages.

“Just like Pope Benedict,” de Mattei adds, “also many other conservative prelates were affected by this weakness in dealing with and confronting the homosexual problem within the Church. Ignoring these responsibilities would be hypocrisy.”

According to de Mattei, Vatican II weakened the Church's abhorrence of evil and her willingness to fight sin. He points to Pope John XXIII's opening speech at the Council, where he made “the distinction between the truths of faith and morals and ‘the way in which they are announced.’”

“From that moment on,” de Mattei continues, “the supreme authorities of the Church gave up explicitly condemning evil, and limited themselves to speak, in an often unclear way, on the good. No truths have since been defined and no errors anathemized. Evil was often hidden or ignored.”

So Vatican II not only brought us an opening toward a “new morality” that opened paths to an acceptance of homosexuality, but it also weakened the Church's determination to fight evil. 

In this sense, Pope Francis’s new encyclical Fratelli tutti is for Professor de Mattei a continuation of the loss of this “supernatural” worldview that keeps in mind the end stages of our human existence, heaven or hell.

"For us it is better to face, if necessary, our due death of the flesh at the hand of tyrants, rather than consent by our silence, whether out of fear or convenience, to the ruin of the Christian law. We know in fact that our holy Fathers said: He who, in consideration of his office, does not oppose evil men; it is as if he agrees with them: and whoever does not eliminate the evils which should be repressed; it is as if he committed them" 

(Pope St Gregory VII,  Registrum,  IV, I).

Monday, 30 November 2020


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Seems like Satan has the Body of Christ in a stranglehold.

In New Zealand the dismantling of the Catholic Church is proceeding apace: in the Wairarapa, from Pūkaha Mount Bruce to the Remutaka Pass, only two churches now remain open.

Now defunct and up for sale are St Mary's, Carterton (an embarrassment for years, so gloomy is its aspect), St Anthony of Padua's, Martinborough (where historic secular buildings are cherished and still in use) and Sacred Heart Greytown (which will suffer a fate similar to Napier's 'The Mission' and 'The Old Church' (aaargh!).

And how has this horrendous fait accompli come to pass, you ask? The immediate answer - according to Cardinal John Dew, chief architect of this sad misfortune - is  "complexities faced by the parish, with its multiple communities and the “difficulties in the consultation process within the parish”. So he's decided to close the churches. This is what he calls a "pastoral approach". 

Tell that to 95 year-old Yvonne Riddiford, whose family has worshipped at St Anthony of Padua, Martinborough for generations. What does she put it down to?

"Total defeatism." 

Mrs Riddiford (I should think she's a 'Mrs' but in their story Stuff doesn't accord her the courtesy of an honorific) is of a generation that doesn't easily admit defeat. 

Martinborough parishioner 95 year-old Yvonne Riddiford is "desperately sad"

But Cardinal Dew will be gratified to know that Mr Kieran McAnulty, MP for Wairarapa ('himself a Catholic', says Stuff) agrees with him - as McAnulty would agree, with a Prince of the Church. McAnulty reckons several people have contacted him to lobby to keep the churches open. How desperate those Catholics must have been, to bring themselves to ask McAnulty a favour ...

But Stuff reports him as saying there are 'realities that the church authorities had to tackle'.

“At a sentimental level," says McAnulty, "I totally agree it is a shame that the church that I was baptised and had my first holy communion and confirmed in, in Carterton is no longer going to remain operational."

Sentimentality is about all we can expect in this context, from an MP who voted for abortion up to birth, euthanasia and recreational cannabis and who describes himself as a Catholic, but presents himself for Communion at Mass. Feelings are obviously much more important to Mr McAnulty than the truth.

If I may allow myself a short but significant digression: a 'good Catholic' of the Palmerston North Diocese earnestly assured me last week that he is 'a Eucharistic Minister'. He's not. The only Eucharistic Minister is the priest. But as 'a Eucharistic Minister', this chap knows beyond the shadow of a doubt that "you can NEVER refuse Communion to anyone. Only God can judge. You can't." 

Oh dear. He's been told this by a priest, so he totally believes itO me miserum. How often does one have to repeat the difference between judging a person and judging his/her acts? 

Serious sin against God or against neighbor makes one unworthy to receive Holy Communion, until the sin has been confessed and forgiveness received through the Sacrament of Penance.

If the lack of right disposition is serious and public, and the person, nevertheless, approaches to receive the Sacrament, then he is to be admonished and denied Holy Communion. In other words, the Church cannot remain silent and indifferent to a public offense against the Body and Blood of Christ: Cardinal Raymond Burke.


“At the same time," Mr McAnulty opines, "we have to face up to the fact that a lot of these buildings are earthquake-prone ... it’s very much a case of use it or lose it.

“The church (sic) is faced with significant costs to keep up buildings that a relatively small number of people are attending, they can’t keep these buildings going for large congregations twice a year at Christmas and Easter.”https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/123513298/parishioners-devastated-as-last-rites-given-to-rural-churches

Well there you are. Straight from the horse's mouth. It's true that an horrific percentage of 'Catholics' rarely attend Mass, with families that have shrunk away to just over replacement rate since the advent of the pill, and when they do get to Mass, for the majority it's in a perfunctory fashion and as if they're there to be entertained. But they are poorly catechised, ignorant and spiritually starving, unconfessed and unrepentant - of sins unknown to them.

For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh judgment to himself, not discerning the body of the Lord. 30Therefore are there many infirm and weak among you, and many sleep (I Cor 11:29).

That is the problem which must be addressed, and not by the defeatist 'solution' of closing churches, which only serves to aggravate the loss of souls for eternity which it causes. 

St  Anthony of Padua, Martinborough, a perfect gem inside and out

St Mary's Carterton which just needs TLC

Sacred Heart Greytown whose interior probably matches its exterior: noble simplicity

The (Wairarapa) parish pastoral council at the time was opposed to the closure of any of the five churches in the parish area.

According to a recent article in the Wairarapa Times Age, the parish council had acknowledged their financial situation was bad, but said that “with transparency, restoration of trust and certainty, regular giving would increase.”

According to the CathNews NZ website, at least four parish council members have resigned, as well as two parish council chairpersons.


At the time of the proposed closures, the Wairarapa Parish Pastoral Council response to a reduction in parishes was “no”.

It lobbied to retain all five churches with a call for leadership on how to achieve this. https://cathnews.co.nz/2020/09/10/3-wairarapa-churches-sale/

We are at a loss to know, your Eminence, how selling three churches can be "a pastoral approach". A pastoral approach would surely exclude the support for the revolutionary, violent Black Lives Matter movement implied by the Archdiocese in removing a sign innocently proclaiming "All Lives Matter" from Masterton's St Patrick's - which is now, with St Teresa's in Featherston, one of only two churches remaining in the whole of the Wairarapa.

In a statement Dew said, "as Archbishop for the diocese, I do not support the placement of that sign. It should not have been put there.

"A church should not be politicised this way. A church should be a safe space for everyone, a place where everyone feels welcome without being confronted with politicised material that some could find unwelcoming or offensive."  


Well there you go. That attitude, aglow with the thoroughly discredited 'Spirit of Vatican II' is at base the reason why these three churches have gone up for sale, and why the Church in New Zealand is disintegrating.. 

Ordering the removal of a sign erected by parishioners possessed of a lively conscience defending unborn babies - who were abandoned by the NZ Bishops' Conference's dereliction of duty in failing to oppose the evil socialist agenda of Jacinda Ardern - betrays the very 'clericalism' that +Dew himself and his liberal confreres in bishops' conferences around the world would deplore.

Did Jesus Christ Himself regard His church, the temple in Jerusalem, as a 'safe space for everyone, a place where everyone feels welcome' when he drove out the money changers with a whip?

And when he had seen afar off a fig tree having leaves, he came if perhaps he might find any thing on it. And when he was come to it, he found nothing but leaves. For it was not the time for figs. And answering he said to it: May no man hereafter eat fruit of thee any more for ever. And his disciples heard it.  

And they came to Jerusalem. And when he was entered into the temple, he began to cast out them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the chairs of them that sold doves.

And he suffered not that any man should carry a vessel through the temple;  And he taught, saying to them: Is it not written, My house shall be called the house of prayer to all nations? But you have made it a den of thieves. Which when the chief priests and the scribes had heard, they sought how they might destroy him. For they feared him, because the whole multitude was in admiration at his doctrine.  

And when evening was come, he went forth out of the city. And when they passed by in the morning they saw the fig tree dried up from the roots.

 And Peter remembering, said to him: Rabbi, behold the fig tree, which thou didst curse, is withered away. And Jesus answering, saith to them: Have the faith of God. (Mk 11, 13-22).

How do you square that Reading, your Eminence, with a church being 'a safe space'? 

It would seem that 'a safe space for everyone' is a 'safe space' for a senior prelate to get away with his declared intention of saying Mass 'as quickly as possible' - a prelate who says he 'can't wait for women priests' and who expedites that agenda by illicitly promoting women to the pulpit to deliver 'Advent Reflections' at the cathedral's Sunday Masses. 

While this is the parlous state of affairs in the PN Diocese, odds are that in the Wellington Archdiocese - the Land of Mordor, spiritually speaking - they are worse.

In preaching and teaching doctrine contrary to Christ's and to the Magisterium, priests and prelates themselves are the ones who have made His Church into a den of thieves, stealing from the whole multitude of the faithful the doctrine which they once so admired. No wonder that multitude has departed. No wonder their empty churches are closed and up for sale.

Has it not occurred to you, your Eminence, that Jesus might have cursed your Archdiocese as He cursed the fig tree because it had no fruit for Him to eat? We the faithful - no longer a multitude, but still a remnant - rely on the Tree of Life for our spiritual food, the word of God, and we go to the Tree every Sunday, and behold there is no fruit of doctrine on It. And so the Tree, the Church, has withered away. 

Jesus tells us, "Have the faith of God." In calling for "transparency, restoration of trust and certainty" with confidence that "regular giving would increase", the Wairarapa Parish Pastoral Council would seem to possess more of the faith of God than their Chief Shepherd, the cardinal.

Above all, your Eminence, the Jesus Who exhibited His anger in the Temple and at the fruitless fig tree, might well have cursed the Tree of Life of the Wellington Archdiocese for having no food on it for the remnant of the multitude who humbly ask for their right to Holy Communion on the tongue, a centuries-old tradition which expresses and signifies the reverent respect of the faithful towards the Holy Eucharist and avoids the danger of profaning the Eucharistic species. 

It is up to you, your Eminence, to reconsider your outrageous and unjust ban on Holy Communion on the tongue, rooted as that ban is in 'the Spirit of Vatican II', a council which like the Synod of Pistoia (1786) would best be forgotten. 

I quote Pope Gregory VII, reformer and crusader Pope, whose words may be applied to the silence of our bishops in the face of the evil of this Labour Government as well as to their compliance with that Government's edicts re Communion on the tongue:

For us it is better to face, if necessary, our due death of the flesh at the hand of tyrants, rather than consent by our silence, whether out of fear or convenience, to the ruin of the Christian law. We know in fact that our holy Fathers said: He who, in consideration of his office, does not oppose evil men; it is as if he agrees with them: and whoever does not eliminate the evils which should be repressed; it is as if he committed them" (Registrum,  IV, I).

Pope St Gregory VII

And it is up to us, the faithful, to pray for our priests, bishops, cardinal and Pope, asking God's forgiveness for their theft of sacred doctrine and Christ's Body and Blood in the Eucharist, and for our apathy and negligence in tolerating that theft, so that the Tree of Life, the Catholic Church in New Zealand, will bear fruit once again. 

Christ Driving out the Money-changers
El Greco

Saturday, 28 November 2020


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If you, like moi, are still upset by the thought that half the people you pass in the street post-election 2020 are 'useful idiots' who voted Labour, read on. 

If as a Catholic, given the political bias of New Zealand's bishops and priests you feel even more upset that more than half the people in the pews with you on Sunday (if you attend the Novus Ordo) are 'useful idiots', then take fresh heart. Keep praying. 

Because David Farrar of Kiwiblog (who admittedly is right-wing, but well-informed and well-connected right-wing) has turned up some startling stats in New Zealand's 2020 election.

"A friend once said forensic analysis of statistical records can unearth various anomalies that become the pointers to provable fraud. I am going to focus exclusively on statistical anomalies in the New Zealand election that at the very least raise questions and likely point to targeted election fraud.

1 – MMP anomaly. MMP is designed to stop any party getting a majority. But Labour won 65 seats out of 120.

2 – Party vote anomaly. Our election history shows that parties never get 50% of the vote. No party has got over 50% since 1951. Yet Labour got 50% in 2020.

3 – Suspiciously round percentages. Labour got almost exactly 50% of the vote, which is very suspicious. Not 49%. Not 51%, but 50%. And even at one decimal place 50.0%. What are the chances of that happening randomly?

4 – Advance vote differences. In 2017 parties got almost the same share of the vote in advance votes and election day votes. In 2020 parties of the left did 9% better with advance votes. This has never occurred before. Can we rule out that advance votes which were stored out of sight for up to two weeks were interfered with?

5 – Special votes. Where did all these special votes comes from? They weren’t included in election night totals. There were no progressive updates on them, such as we had on election night. Suddenly two weeks later the Electoral Commission just announces new results and Labour suddenly wins three more electorates – and two of them were seats they had never won before

6 – Electorate anomalies. In 2002 National got even fewer party votes than in 2020, yet it still won Northland, Whangarei, Ilam and Nelson. How does it make sense that you lose these four seats in 2020 when you got more party votes?

CONCLUSION. These various statistical patterns raise some serious concerns. The current election results sees a seemingly defeated National Party defy a number of statistical conventions going back many decades over dozens of elections. The various anomalies unearthed by various people point to irregularities in the vote that should be investigated and litigated to the highest level possible to ensure widespread integrity in the voting system."


And if you'd like to challenge my assertion that New Zealand's Catholic bishops and priests are of the liberal, Labour stripe, take a look at this interpretation of Bergoglio's latest talkfest, Economy of Francis (opened by arch-abortionist Jeffrey Sachs, as detailed on this blog a couple of days ago) and Bergoglio's latest encyclical, Fratelli Tutti (by some irreverent spirits aka Tutti Frutti): 


The “Economy of Francis” Pushes Poverty and Pulverizes Achievement

This drabness is an obvious consequence of the economic failure of communist regimes. However, there is also a philosophical reason behind it. The communist system is designed to encourage laziness.

Those who have lived under communism experienced not only its dictatorial nature but also the drabness of its daily life. A communist regime is marked by poor lighting, non-existent maintenance, dilapidated buildings, meager food, empty shelves, dull clothing, little choice of entertainment, absence of superfluous goods and other somber elements.


Just look how laziness is encouraged here in New Zealand, under communism's little sister, socialism, by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. All those people on the dole, and Ardern is importing 2000 workers to pick our food and veges - but only so long as the stressed growers pay them the living wage for at least 30 hours a week, and (height of absurdity) paying their 14-day accommodation costs in the hope that the demon COVID will not evade testing (as it does). 

Not only are there thousands on the dole who could do the work, but 50,000 potential harvest workers have been legally slaughtered, by abortion. 

Outside of the privileged few of the nomenklatura, no one has the right to seek out greater well-being based on a systematic quantitative and qualitative increase in effort.

An Urgent Appeal to Resist the Betrayal and Ruin of the West, Flower of Christian Civilization

Indeed, the essence of communism is the totalitarian principle of equality: no one can have more than the other since it would produce “alienation.” Thus, the only way for everyone to be equal is for all to be poor: when all are poor, all are equal.

This egalitarianism is the key to understanding Pope Francis’s latest encyclical and the international event “The Economy of Francis” recently held in Rome. The event’s message is that poverty is the means. The goal is egalitarianism.

Leonardo Boff, banned from speaking and teaching by the Vatican in 1985

The notorious liberation theologian, now self-proclaimed “eco-theologian,” Leonardo Boff, was a keynote speaker in “The Economy of Francesco” event. He claims that the gist of the encyclical Fratelli tutti is the world’s transition from the concept of “lord” to that of “brother.” In an essay that anticipated his lecture, Boff affirms that Pope Francis wants to change the current world paradigm—based on “inequalities in every field”—by introducing a new one based on a “universal fraternity,” that is, a “fraternity of equals.”1

Has Bergoglio forgotten that humankind is a 'fraternity' only because we are all children of God?  

According to Boff, this egalitarianism runs so deep that even the laws of nature would need to change and conform. He reasons that the laws of nature reflect the overwhelming power of a governing God, who is, therefore, the source of all “alienation.”

'Alienation.' God, who is Love, and acts only, always and everywhere, in Love, is 'the source of all alienation'? Why is Bergoglio listening to, and applauding, this madman? 

In his egalitarian new world, reality would need to be canceled.

Of course, canceling God outright would be a bit too shocking. These radicals begin by dissolving His transcendental nature, treating God as an energy or a fluid circulating in the universe. Boff claims that the immediate, sensory perception of this energy would generate the “universal fraternity” proposed by Pope Francis.

In another essay, the Brazilian liberation theologian explains that this paradigm change is characterized by the transition from the “dominion of the logos” to that of “eros.”2

In addition, proposing poverty as an ideal for all as a means to equality is a bit too shocking. Thus, they begin by manipulating the concept of consumption in a way that promotes pauperism. This manipulation has long been encouraged by the left, well before Pope Francis.

Nineteenth-century Jesuit Father Luigi Taparelli d’Azeglio explains the proper role of consumption in his treatise, Saggio Teoretico di Diritto Naturale. He states that God created man with faculties and tendencies that human nature tends to satisfy. This tendency constitutes man’s good. It is consubstantial with his nature and leads him towards the purpose for which he was created. Man has a material purpose, which is the conservation and development of his body. He has a spiritual purpose, which is the development of his intellect and soul, which tends towards the absolute Good. Thus Taparelli teaches that “A being will be perfect when he reaches the end set for him by his nature—material and spiritual—with the faculties given to him by nature itself.”

To achieve his dual material and spiritual purpose, man must consume. Certain modern (and even Catholic) schools of thought like to turn consumption into a dirty word. However, temperate consumerism is a conditio sine qua non for man to achieve the purpose for which he has been created. Like everything created by God, what is good for man is also good for the economy.

What does it mean to consume? Most people associate it with eating, which is certainly included in the concept. However, it also embraces many other ways the appetites are satisfied, which result in well-being. The idea of consumption covers the gamut of bodily and spiritual appetites found in human nature.

These goods go beyond the bare necessities of life like eating. They expand into areas that are strictly speaking not essential for living. Thus man can satisfy spiritual goods in theaters, museums, beautiful monuments, libraries and so on. The concept of consumption includes everything indispensable for survival, but also everything that is ample and even superfluous, making life pleasant and elevating minds towards higher things.

A lady consumes when she buys a beautiful enamel miniature portrait to display at home for the joy of her guests. A married couple who goes to the Prima della Scala opera house to enjoy a performance also consumes. A faithful Catholic who assists a beautiful Latin Mass consumes.

This healthy notion of consumption is contrary to a new emerging theological concept, which tends towards socialism. Alas, it is found in recent pontifical documents.

This trend states that when some have a lot and others have little, the former must keep only the essentials and give the excess to the latter. This anti-consumerist bias holds that man must not possess beyond what is essential. Nobody should seek after luxury or even merely an ample amount of goods.

The result of such reasoning is that in a society where no one benefits from working more than others… no one will work harder than others!

Such a society benefits the lazy and works to the detriment of good workers. In this society, abundance disappears first, then the ample things, and finally even necessary goods…

Those who work more must be given due compensation. Thus all society benefits when the most capable, efficient, productive, best sectors are rewarded. Society perishes when it falls into preconceived anti-consumerism, slips into chronic poverty and finally tends to barbarism.

Which is precisely where NZ finds itself now, with food parcels, school lunches, demands for tampons to be delivered free to all the fairer sex (will male-to-female trans people demand them too, after their state-funded, enormously expensive surgery?) and wholesale slaughter of the unborn in our hospitals, practically no questions asked.     

This thesis applies not only to the relations between social classes but also to nations. The so-called consumerist countries like the United States and European nations represent those with excessive wealth. The Third World countries are supposedly those that lack the ample and sometimes even the necessary means to survive. Thus, the rich nations exploit and oppress the poor ones. The thesis incites the exploited nations to launch a counter-offensive against the consumerist world, forcing it to lower its consumption level to harmonize with the poor. Again: when all are poor, all are equal.

This glorification of laziness is proper to socialism and communism, not to Christian civilization and the social doctrine of the Church.


Friday, 27 November 2020


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"In the Church, some have demanded communion on the tongue because their piety demands it without consideration that their saliva, on the fingers of the priest, may endanger the next person in the communion procession."

' ... communion on the tongue'. Note the lower case (small 'c') for Holy Communion with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Yes, you guessed it, this is the innovative Fr Joe Grayland at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit Palmerston North, Our Lady of Lourdes and Foxton, offering parishioners his reflections 'on the journey of 2020 as a year of Grace'. 

'Reflections' are always popular in Novus Ordo circles. But a child of God lives in the present moment, abandoned to the Divine Will. Father Grayland is reputed to be very well-read. I wonder if he's tried Fr Jean-Pierre de Caussade's classic Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence, which elevates the present moment to the status of 'Sacrament'? The only reflections (navel-gazing) which will direct us to the union with God which is His design for every single one of us are the reflections we make before Confession, in examining our conscience - which in turn are based on our nightly reflections of the day just gone, and what 'bad choices' (to revert to NO language) we might have made, i.e. what sins we have committed, or what imperfections?

What's going on here, at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit?

What's going on here, is false ecumenism

"2020", says Father Grayland,  was an unusual year because we could not fully celebrate Lent and could not celebrate Easter and Eastertide at all" ... 

Father, there was no real reason why we didn't celebrate Lent and Easter. We certainly could have done so. It was the NZ Bishops' Conference who ruined Lent and Eastertide by complying with the Labour Coalition's unjust lockdown laws when they should have insisted on our right to religious freedom.

... "It is a sober reflection" ...

and a waste of time, when instead we could be praying 

..."to look beyond the safety of our borders'...

our borders are built-in, designed by God Himself; they are the shores of these islands, far, far away from what Fr Grayland calls   

"the pandemic world beyond, where many still suffer from the effects of Covid-19."

No, Father, they are suffering - and New Zealand is suffering - not from the effects of Covid-19 but from the unsafe, unwise, unjust measures of leaders like Jacinda Ardern.

The latest from the pen of Jorge Bergoglio

'In his new book Let Us Dream, Pope Francis recognises the success of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in managing the COVID-19 pandemic,'Cathnews tells us today.

Did no one at the Vatican advise Jorge Bergoglio that it might be a teensy bit tactless for a 'Pope' to praise a baby-killer who has stage-managed the slaughter of thousands of God's most innocent children?


“The countries with women as presidents or prime ministers have on the whole reacted better and more quickly than others, making decisions swiftly and communicating them with empathy,” he says.

By way of example, Francis cites the success in New Zealand, Germany, Iceland, Taiwan and Finland.

This observation has led him to increase the number of women in decision making roles in the Vatican. Women are “much better administrators than men,” he writes.

In his new book, Francis suggests “the perspective women bring is what the world needs at this time.”

“Allowing women’s perspectives to challenge existing assumptions” in the Church, is something he has tried to focus on as Pope, he writes.

Throughout his pontificate, Francis says he has sought to appoint women to leadership positions – in the Roman Curia and in advisory, board level positions on Vatican bodies.

“I chose these particular women because of their qualifications but also because I believe women in general are much better administrators than men,” he says.

“They understand processes better, how to take projects forward." https://cathnews.co.nz/2020/11/26/female-leaders-pope/

Yes. That's because God designed women to be wives and mothers - by far and away the most challenging role on offer. But now the world and women's role in it have become perverted to such an extent that a very senior cleric of the PN Diocese can bruit it abroad that he "can't wait for women priests" - and surely it's only a matter of time before Bergoglio grants his wish.

But to return to the senior cleric's confrere, Fr Grayland:

Fr Grayland, priest incognito

"In this world, social distancing and masks play an important part. Too easily we can forget that our safety is relative and not absolute."

Oh, spare us, Father. As a pastor you  know 'our safety' - by which you misguidedly refer here to our physical safety - is relative to, and very inferior in importance to, our spiritual safety. But we'll get to that in a moment. 

On the subject of the Wuhan virus, I refer you to Christopher Ferrara who you surely know (but readers may not) is an American Catholic attorney, pro-life activist, and journalist. He is the founder and current president of the American Catholic Lawyers and writes for The Remnant magazine which you, Father, may not enjoy but I'm sure many readers of this blog would. On the Wuhan virus, Ferrara has this to say:  

"We have been well and truly had. And the COVID con has been the means by which, almost overnight, pop-up dictatorships have taken possession of our rights, banned our worship, and ordered us to live in six-foot bubble zones behind useless “face coverings.”

Does anyone detect the distinct odor of sulfur in all of this? I do, and I have a lousy sense of smell."


Father Grayland is now getting into his stride:

"Too often individuals have put their wants before the common good when they have demanded their rights over the safety of others. In the Church, some have demanded communion on the tongue because their piety demands it without consideration that their saliva, on the fingers of the priest, may endanger the next person in the communion procession" ...


PN's Cathedral of the Holy Spirit: that tabernacle is empty

'Procession'. That's a nice way of putting it. And even better, Father Grayland admits that Communion on the tongue is a right. Does Father not know how to give Communion on the tongue without touching the tongue? Of course he's out of practice or maybe he never learned to do it the way thousands of priests have done it for hundreds of years, in the Church. Until Vatican II. Father Grayland could ask the SSPX priests at St Anthony's Whanganui for a demo. 

"The language of hatred and violence is still prevalent in our world. It is obvious at all levels of society and sadly within the church too. The level of violence directed at Pope Francis by self-proclaimed catholic apologetics" (sic) ...

 I think Fr Grayland means 'apologists'. Like moi.

... "and prophets of orthodoxy is staggering. Evil takes many guises. Its most seductive is the one that argues for purity of religion through the exclusion of another, or the sinner. The Gospel confronts this lie through the repeated reminder that Jesus sat, talked, and ate with sinners."

That's okay, Father. We 'self-proclaimed catholic apologetics (sic) and prophets of orthodoxy' can choose to sit, kneel, and receive Communion with the sinners at the Traditional Latin Mass, whether indult or SSPX. If we can find a TLM. 

In the Land of Mordor (Wellington) the high proportion of 'catholic apologetics and prophets of orthodoxy' who'll turn up to the March for Life on December 5 can forsake St Mary of the Angels just up the street, and all the other churches in and around Wellington under the sway of Cardinal John Dew where Communion on the tongue is denied, and repair to St Michael the Archangel Chapel, 32 Beauchamp Street, Tawa.

Saturday December 5 isn't just the March for Life, it's a First Saturday. Has Cardinal Dew, NZ's pre-eminent pastor of souls, given thought to those who, wishing to avoid the sufferings of Purgatory, are trying to make the Five First Saturdays, and how much more difficult he and his priests are making that time-honoured devotion for people who continue to believe, as the Church has believed and taught for 2000 years, that Communion on the hand is sacrilege?

At St Michael the Archangel Chapel, Tawa, you can go to Confession at 10.30 and attend the Latin Mass at 11 a m that day, and still turn up to the March to mix it with the Satanists and Freethinkers at 2 pm. The more converts to the Latin Mass, the more Our Lord will be pleased. 

"The language of violence is based on an “original sacred violence” that becomes the “sacred grievance” justifying an individual’s, or a community’s continual acts of hatred or their demand to be a victim. Often one hears:  “I can’t help it; this was how I was brought up”, or “our people suffered this way, so we continue to hate those who did this to us”." 

Really, Father? You've actually heard would-be on-the-tongue communicants say they hate those who did this to them (I assume you mean, prelates like Cardinal Dew who forbid this ancient and hallowed practice of the Church?) 

... "Such a “sacred violence” is not a holy thing, it is a violence that is essentially evil, but over time it is cloaked in the language of meaning (hero, patriotic, freedom) thus making it sacred, or sacralised.

Wrapped in the language of sacrifice, an experience that is essentially evil" ...

So it's 'evil' for would-be communicants to wait while the rest of the congregation files up - quite possibly, given the rarity of Novus Ordo confessions, in a state of serious sin - and to have the Lord of the universe administered by a hand that has rested on the shoulder or worse, on the head, of any number of Massgoers, only to be denied the Body and Blood of Christ, and abandoned by the priest to the gaze of all and sundry?

Having a chat in the Communion 'procession'

Is it not 'evil' and in fact clerical abuse, not only of the communicant but infinitely more importantly, of Our Lord, to administer Holy Communion with a profane hand, or to deny It to anyone in a state of grace?  

... "is memorialized as meaningful, necessary, and glorious when in fact it was a meaningless, senseless act in a fight for property, power or prestige."

Just where is the 'property, power or prestige' in being publicly humiliated by denial of the Sacrament? Although I didn't find it humiliating. Had it not been a Requiem Mass, I'd have remained there kneeling after the priest turned his back and walked away, but I couldn't embarrass the mourners. So I returned to my pew and made a spiritual Communion. And I felt very sorry for the priest - who had apologised, and who I'm sure had acted out of obedience to his Marist superior. 

"Sadly, many who experience this sort of violence find they live more securely in their victimhood than in the struggle for reconciliation; the sacred violence becomes so internalized it becomes their primary identity. In this way the violence they suffer becomes the violence that shapes their life and their response to the world from which they often do not want to be freed, and sadly no amount of counseling or confessional forgiveness will free them."

'Sadly', and with respect for your priestly office, Father, I think you're getting carried away.   

"Violence can only be cast out through love and love needs to find expression in justice."

I presume the 'love' you mean, Father, is the Love of Christ - which is Justice, as it is every perfection.   

"Without question, justice needs to be experienced by those who have been sinned against, because without justice there can be no peace, no freedom" ...

Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage (“To Althea: From Prison,” by the seventeenth-century English poet Richard Lovelace). To put that in a Scriptural context, when unjustly imprisoned Ss Peter and Paul enjoyed perfect peace and freedom of spirit.

... "and no reconciliation.

"Perpetrators need to kneel before their victims and ask forgiveness" ...

Father, who are the 'victims' that Catholics who ask for Communion on the tongue need to kneel before? The rest of the congregation? But they've already received, and are back in their pews, safe from any horrid contamination. Or the priest who denies them Communion, because perhaps they've 'made him feel' bad", or who? Or are you writing figuratively? Even then, you're drawing a very long bow.


... "victims need to be prepared to become a minister of reconciliation. Where the perpetrator lives on in a denial of justice, and the victim lives in a sacralized victimhood, authentic freedom will not be possible for either ... 

"As women and men of Gospel truth, we hold firmly to the belief that forgiveness and reconciliation need to be experienced and are possible. The Eucharist is the memorial to this truth. In the Cross, Jesus is subjected to the sacred violence of the religious elite as a blasphemer and the political elite as an insurgent. He is subjected to violence so that the gods of the powerful who hold their power through violence would be appeased, the irony being that the true God is killed in order to defend and protect their false gods.

"The redemption of this “game of violence” is given in the death of Jesus on the Cross when God accepts the violence of “those who do not know what they are doing” and transforms it through love: “Father, forgive them BECAUSE they don’t know what they’re doing”. Love puts an end to violence" ...

Tell that to the Marines. 

..."through the one sacrifice given for all people and all time. It is the love within God that achieves redemption and without this divine love reconciliation is impossible. Such redeeming love will never be outdone by human violence because it is the free, self-giving of God that finds communion in Resurrection.

"In the event of the Cross and Resurrection human existence is freed of the demand to sacralize violence" ...

If we're freed of it, why are you so bothered about it? Violence will be 'sacralized' for as long as Satan's still around, but asking for Communion on the tongue is not 'violence'.

Father Grayland, your 'sacred violence' is a straw man.

"Pray very much for the Pope, Bishops, and Priests."

The weeping statue of Our Lady at Akita, Japan